Fujoshi Paradise Tour 2009 Report

May 26, 2009

If you missed the Fujoshi Paradise Tour, read what happened.

Fujoshi Paradise (5/13-5/21/09)

Total attendance: 12
Australia: 2
Canada: 2
USA: 8


Arrived at Narita Airport. With the current Influenza scary, the Japanese were being overly paranoid and wearing masks.  We took the bus to Ikebukuro to our hotel and the center of Japanese yaoi culture called ”Otome Road”.  It’s an ideal location for any yaoi fan.


The start of our Fujoshi Tour.  Our first day was free time to go shopping on Otome Road.  While there was 8 hours of free time to roam through the stores and skim through the pages of yaoi doushinji, many of our tour attendants wanted more time.  To fully experience their time at Otome road, we researched a crossplay cafe where the servers of the store are women dressed to role-play as bishies servers.  We took those who were interested to the cafe while the rest continued in their yaoi adventures.  Everyone who did come to the cafe seemed to have enjoyed the company and service.

Roppongi Kingyo

Gathered at 8:30pm at the hotel lobby for the Kingyo show. The attendant explained to us the aesthetics of the building before our dance show.  Afterwards, it was a perfect opportunity for a mini photoshoot.  We ended up coming back to the hotel at 12:30 am.


9:30am, we met up with Yoshiko, another tour guide, at Harajuku.  There had reservations at EDELSTEIN School Cafe. Here our yaoi fans were served by charming bishounen waiters dressed in school uniform.  Afterwards, everyone has 1.5 hrs of free time in Harajuku.  Yoshiko left after lunch.

Then we moved to Akihabara where everyone was given 2 hours roam around the infamous otaku culture city.

Following Akihabara, we went to Nakano Broadway Shop, a specialized store for anime, manga, figurines, costumes, and other items that can satisfy any type of fan’s shopping list.

At the end of the day, our girls seemed to be exhausted from all the shopping and exploring of Tokyo.


We were planning on visiting the Hanazono Shrine but everyone agreed that they wanted to attend the Sanjya Matsuri.  This festival is one of Tokyo’s biggest celebrations.  There were omikoshis and floats out everyone that brought liveliness and excitement in the air.  The last minute change in our tour schedule was a success.

Japan-American Fujoshi Gathering

With the collaboration of Garubara, a cross Pacific meet and greet was organized at the Touhou Building.  There were about 5 media companies, some mangakas, and critics gathered to have a heated discussion about Boy’s Love.

Tachino Makoto Exchange Meeting was held at the Shinbashi Section


Odaiba; Oedo Onsen and JOYPOLIS

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  Those who went to the onsen had a relaxing new experience.  The others who went to JOYPOLIS enjoyed themselves with multiple stories of video games and small rides.


Sadly, one of members parted from our tour.  Soon afterwards, we took the shinkansen to the Osaka, Kyoto area.  We arrived at Kyoto at 2 pm and we were welcomed at Doushinji College Volunteer Reception.  Then we went to the hotel to check-in and drop off our luggage before anymore excursions.

The beginning of our Kansai extension tour was Kinkakuji (Golden Temple).


It was another unfortunate day. We were going to lose 3 more of our members due to their flight schedule. They were missed by the rest of the group. For the remaining 8, we went to Osaka for a shopping at Shinsaibashi.  Later that day, we had a special meeting with Toko Kawaii at Mandarake (store).

For lunch we took Toko to Umeda where we all enjoyed making our own takoyaki.  After lunch, we went to Depachika, an underground department store, where our members had free time for the rest of the day.  After shopping to one’s heart extent, we returned to Kyoto and sent off our 3 members back to Tokyo to catch their flight.


Our last day in Japan.  We took the express shinkansen to Narita Airport.  This was the end of our Fujoshi Paradise Tour of 2009.

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