Time for change – A.I.

January 11, 2011

Due to the problems surrounding Tokyo Anime Fair, we’ve decided to attend a new convention going on that same weekend, Anime Contents Expo! Because of this, we had to think of a new name to describe our tour – something that summarized what the whole tour was about…

Anime Insider Tour

Well we racked our brains, and what we came up with was the Anime Insider Tour or the A.I. Tour! We feel like this tour is a special treat for anime fans so the new tour name really sums up the exclusive opportunities we’ll have on the tour. We’ll not only be attending the Anime Contents Expo, but we’ll go to Studio Pierrot (animators of Naruto, Saiyuki, Bleach, etc.) to have a behind the scenes look at how anime is created. After that we still have have not one, but two! more special events that we’ll soon announce.

One last thing – this tour is officially a GO! And there’s still time to get $100 off the tour price! So grab a friend and make a reservation now, because at this rate, we may sell out!

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