I Still Want to go to Japan!

April 1, 2011

Now that tours will be on hold for a bit, some of you might be thinking, “But I still want to go to Japan!” Not to worry – we’re here to support your dream! Find out the options you have and what to do to get started.

We love sharing all the great things Japan has to offer! So, even though tours are postponed, we want to let you know some of the resources we use so you can get started your own adventure. =)

Planning is so important and absolutely necessary for your trip to go smoothly. Lack of proper planning can lead to situations where you’ll not only waste precious time where you could have been doing something awesome, but can also cost a lot of money you’d rather be spending on unique souvenirs.

Below are websites we like to use for planning, with a short description to follow:

Japan-Guide.com – A great comprehensive English resource for those travelling to Japan! Includes descriptions, transportation details, admission fees, and features a forum you can post your own questions to.

Japan National Tourism – Another resource for more Japan inspiration. The festival and events list is helpful too, though many smaller local festivals are not included.

Hyper Dia – A website that lets you calculate your train route and fare from city to city. You can make it more specific to not use certain types of transportation. =)

Kayak – Yes we use online airfare searches too! This site is one of our favorites – it compares several sites quickly and has an intuitive interface.

And here are some English assisted tours that you can throw into your trip that we love:

IACE Guided Tours – We’ve worked with IACE for many years now and have offered some of their tour options on our own group tours! We highly recommend the Mt. Fuji & Hakone 2-Day Onsen Trip, Nara Afternoon Tour or the Kyoto & Nara 1-Day Tour, & the Kyoto Maiko Night.

JTB Sunrise Tours – We also work with JTB Japan. Several of their tours are also available online and many of them have pop cultural themes! Our favorites include the Ghibli Museum Afternoon, Ninja & Samurai Tour, Tea Ceremony Experience Tokyo, Kimono Wearing in Gion Kyoto.

Of course we’d love to show you Japan ourselves for a uniquely PJT experience, so check-in every so often for updates. =)

We hope to be up and running tours again soon enough!

-PJT Team

16 Responses to “I Still Want to go to Japan!”

  1. Do you have a guess when you will be doing tours again?

  2. For the summer of 2012,
    What pop culture (Anime) oriented trips , specifically designed for high school, English speaking, aged kids, do you have planned?

    Or can you reccogmend a company that does this?

  3. Hi Linda,
    We will most likely do some of the tours that we’ve done in the past, mainly the ones seen on the group tour page: http://www.popjapantravel.com/group-tours, such as the Akadot Retail Tour, and the Hanabi Tour.
    The Akadot Retail Tour is geared towards anime fans and we will also go to the annual Tokyo Toy Show. The Hanabi Tour is a little broader, also appealing to those who seek to experience a Japanese summer, while still hitting all the Japanese Pop Culture hot spots.

    We hope that helps! JTB has some great options for day tours though, so you might want to check them out at the link above.

  4. Hi Chandler,
    At the moment we’re still on pause, but we hope to be back and running by next year! Travel is already beginning to pick up, so if you’re looking for deals we recommend going to the Japan National Tourism Page: http://www.jnto.go.jp/

  5. Are you helping plan right now?
    My School’s Club wanted to go and we were planning for Spring 2012
    We really need the help because we need to know how much it would cost per student.

  6. Hi Wendy,

    Are you interested in a group tour? Most of our group tours (which are around 7 Days, 5 nights) run at around $2,000 with flight included from LAX around the spring time. After tax & fuel charges it might be closer to around $2,300. Hope that helps!

  7. Hey, I emailed you and didn’t get a reply. I don’t mean to be pushy… I’m sorry… I really just want to know if the fangirl paradise tour is always in may instead of later in the summer. My school doesn’t let out until late may, but that tour looks so cool…

  8. Hi, So I just wanted to know, when will all information become available? Cause me and my dad were thinking of Joining in on the akadot retail tour next year. But I’ve ben checking this page constantly now for several months ant tryed to make contact with no responce :< I really need to know or we'll have to plan our trip ourselfs.

  9. Hi hi,
    Are PJT is going up next year? Planning to go to Japan for Autumn or winter next year.


  10. Greetings, I’ve been saving and saving, I really want to go to the manga tour in 2012, will you be hosting that one? When do you think announcements will be made, included pricing?

  11. Hi, me and my dad were thinking about going to japan this year, we’ve ben talking and planning it for about a year now or so. Now, we’ve wanted to join one of your tours (akadot retail tour probably) And due to te dissaster you’ve like compleatly shut down the whole page wich has made us unable to get and information wheater there will be a tour at all? I’ve tryed sending mails but gotten no responce… Please respond to this, WILL there be a tour for june-july this year, and WHEN i that case will any information come out? cause we need to plan it…like…NOW (O-O)

  12. Hi PJT! It’s 2012 now and this is the year I was hoping to finally make it to Japan. Do you know if or when in 2012 you may start back up again?

    Would love to go with you guys!

  13. I would like to know if you will be updating the site soon?
    Are will tours be open for this year?

    My sister and I would like to know if the J-fashion tour will be open this Sep. 2012

    Please leave me some details,

    Thank you for your time,

    Best regards, Chantelle.R

  14. Hey,

    I was wondering if the tours we’re available for 2012 yet?

  15. I want some one to in my so that i will vist Japan in 90 days so pls come in to my help me;Thanks u

  16. I want some one to help to vist Japan for 90 days ,i will happy in there.Thank u

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