PJT Returns – With Tour Dates!

April 29, 2012

After over a year on hiatus, the original pop Japan tour provider is back! And we’re celebrating with our most far-reaching, adventurous tour ever! Our return tour will include something for everyone: anime and manga fans, street fashion addicts, Japanese TV and music lovers and, of course, gourmets with a taste for “washoku!”

Here are a few of the things we’ve got planned:

  • MANGA:

    Meet manga artists for an intimate look at their process, and if you’re an artist yourself, you can even sell your work at our booth at Comitia! We’ll even head to the Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum, to see how the modern medium got its start.


    Hear how Tokyo’s innovative fashion scene came to be with tours of Shibuya 109, La Foret and other big sights from local experts, then work with our professional photographer to produce your own version of Japan’s influential street fashion magazines.

  • ANIME:

    Yes, there’s the Ghibli Museum and Akihabara – and you can bet we’re going there – but PJT goes deeper, with a visit to a working anime studio and the chance to meet some of anime’s all-time greatest artists.


    See Japan’s theatrical culture from every angle, with a show by the world-famous all-women Takarazuka troupe, a taste of traditional stagecraft in Osaka and a late-night burlesque that blends equal parts kabuki and Vegas.

  • FOOD:

    For the first time, PJT will include the option to buy meals with the tour group. We’ll serve you up everything from staples like sushi and ramen to exotic regional cuisines and well-kept secrets.


    Enjoy an interactive private tour of Kyoto, one of the world’s great ancient cities, including a hands-on calligraphy experience in an authentic Gion teahouse, a picturesque outdoor feast over the Kamo River and temples nearly as old as the imperial line itself, set against some of the nation’s most elegant and beautiful wooded vistas.

Yes, all of these things will happen on the same tour. We want to celebrate with the ultimate Japan experience!

So mark your calendars! PJT’s triumphant return begins Aug. 29-Sept. 7!

21 Responses to “PJT Returns – With Tour Dates!”

  1. How much is this tour going to cost.

  2. Sign me up!!!! :P

  3. Yes! Welcome back PJT! I cannot wait for this tour! In fact, I am already sending in the dates for vacation to my boss…lol!

  4. I agree. This sounds great, but I wanna know how much it’ll cost. Gotta see if I can budget it and all what with me being a broke college student.

  5. Glad to see its back now. Will this be the only tour this year?

  6. I want in!! how much!?? how do we sign up???

  7. Thanks for your enthusiastic response everyone! We’re really excited to be back working with our Japanese partners after a difficult year, and we’re trying to knock this one into the stratosphere to make up for our year off. The tour cost will be announced this week, and sign-ups will open next week!

  8. Re: Other tours this year

    We may be doing another tour in the winter before getting back to our regular schedule next year. However, Alpha+Omega will be the only tour for this summer/fall.

  9. Hurrah your back.

  10. I so want in!

  11. What is the cost of this tour going to be and does it include air fare?

  12. you got to send me information so that i can see if i can get the time off and send this information to my friends

  13. Thank goodness your back, was beginning to think you were permanently out of business.

  14. I have a question. When we have free days, and there is a certain store I wanna go to. Will the tour guides be able to take me there?

  15. So happy you’re back! I missed out on my tour last March due to the tragedy and I’ve been waiting as patiently as possible.

    Looking forward to this tour!


  17. Dria: The cost of the tour will not include airfare, but we will help you book cheap flights to sync up with the tour itinerary.

    Fiona: I will send you more information as soon as I have it!

    Ferrin: Yes, we will do everything we can to help you get to any store, restaurant, museum, event, etc. that you want to see during your free time. Even if a guide isn’t available to shop with you in person at the time you want to go, you can always call us on our cell phones for assistance.

    Jesse: Thanks!

    Kira: No, we’re back! :)

  18. Glad to see that you guys are back in business! Definitely interested in the upcoming tour.

  19. Why not include the flight ,if i remember from before you had 2 options one with the flight included from LAX airport and the ground only option.

    I was hoping that it would be that way again.

  20. I’m in! 14 more please!

  21. Re: Alex. Thanks for registering! You’re not the only one who’s registered, though. :) We’re already getting close to the minimum number of guests, actually.

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