Tour Update

September 10, 2012

From the responses that we received… We are planning to have an ALL IN ONE tour for spring 2013! We plan to release updated schedule by end of this month!! Please check our facebook page for frequent updates!!^-^ Japan here we come!!


Summer in Japan

August 29, 2012

Summer is now around the edge and fall is coming soon! Take a look at this wonderful ocean in Okinawa! Why don’t we try scuba diving here for our upcoming tour next year?


Cool Japan

August 22, 2012

Hi, All! Pop Japan Travel is planning to have a comeback tour on Spring 2013! If you have any tour suggestions please e-mail us at! In the meanwhile, we found some cool places in Japan we could possibly go to! Why not try and experience Japanese school in an adult way??


Follow us on Twitter for Gourmet Course photos!

June 1, 2012

Are you following us on Twitter? Well, you should be! All day today we’re posting sumptuous photos of food from some of the places included on the Pop Japan Gourmet Course, an option on our All-Japan Alpha+Omega Adventure! Check it out!


PJT Returns – With Tour Dates!

April 29, 2012

After over a year on hiatus, the original pop Japan tour provider is back! And we’re celebrating with our most far-reaching, adventurous tour ever! Our return tour will include something for everyone: anime and manga fans, street fashion addicts, Japanese TV and music lovers and, of course, gourmets with a taste for “washoku!” Here are […]


I Still Want to go to Japan!

April 1, 2011

Now that tours will be on hold for a bit, some of you might be thinking, “But I still want to go to Japan!” Not to worry – we’re here to support your dream! Find out the options you have and what to do to get started.


Tour Updates & Giving Back to Japan

March 17, 2011

Due to Tokyo’s current condition, we will not be able to conduct the Anime Insider Tour as planned, and so at this time the tour will be postponed. See how it effects our future tour line-up, and ways that YOU can give back to the country that has given us the anime, manga, and culture […]


Earthquake Effects Update!

March 14, 2011

We’re continuing to keep a close watch on how the events are unfolding in Japan.¬†After the quake, trains partially began to run again in Tokyo. Some trains coming from the airport though are still not in service. Scares about the nuclear plants are on the rise. Will tours still be able to run in the […]


Earthquake update from Japan!

March 11, 2011

Sometimes, the most bizarre cultural experiences are the ones you don’t expect – and none of us could have predicted what happened just after we (we = Evan and Julia, guides, and Tom, PJT Intern) cleared passport control on Friday, March 11.


Earthquakes & Upcoming Tours Report

March 11, 2011

As you might have heard, there was a massive earthquake that hit northern Japan yesterday. Some of you might also know from the last blog post that a group of students and some of our guides were to arrive in Japan yesterday. They are all in safe areas right now, so thank you for your […]