Anime Insider Tour (March)

Want to attend an anime convention in Japan? We’ll take you there! This year due to the problems surrounding Tokyo Anime Fair we’ve decided to attend Anime Contents Expo – a new convention whose executive committee includes industry giants Aniplex, Animate, Kadokawa Shoten, King Records, Geneon Entertainment, Frontier Works, Marvelous Entertainment, and Media Factory. We’ll also make stops to pop cultural districts such as Akihabara, Harajuku, and Shinjuku, visit the Ghibli Museum, and go to Studio Pierrot & A-1 Pictures where you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at how anime is produced! Additionally, if we’re lucky, we’ll be just in time to see the blooming sakura and take part in hanami, or flower viewing, where there will be festive booths to buy delicious Japanese snacks. We’ll also be announcing another exclusive event soon!

This year, make your spring break one to remember with the Anime Insider Tour!
Price: To be determined

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The Package Price for this tour includes:

8 Days, 6 Nights guided tour in Tokyo
Full hotel accommodations
Round-trip international airfare to Japan (not included in Land-Only package)
Transportation to & from tour activities
Admission Fees for the Tokyo Anime Fair or Anime Contents Expo and Ghibli Museum
A special insider look at how Anime is created at Studio Pierrot & A-1 Pictures!
Exclusive second special event TBA!!
Meals: Farewell Dinner at a cosplay restaurant on our last day in Tokyo, 3/27/11
One free day to choose your destination!
Professional, bilingual tour guide(s)
Customized tour guidebook with maps, descriptions, and Japanese phrases
Extension not included in Package Price.

Land Only Price includes all of the above except flights and transportation from the airport to hotel.

The Kansai Extension Price for this tour includes:

4 Days, 3 Nights guided tour in Kyoto
Full hotel accommodations
Transportation to/from and entry fees for tour activities
Admission fees for Kinkakuji Temple, Nijo Castle, Ginkakuji Temple, Kiyomizu Temple, Nanzenji Temple, Takarazuka Museum, and Osaka Castle
Meals: Dessert at the Ninja Sweets Cafe!
Professional, bilingual tour guides

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Tour Itinerary

  • Depart LA for Tokyo [-]

    We depart the urban sprawl of LA on a flight to Tokyo!

  • Arrive in Japan + Tokyo Nightlife [-]

    After changing our dollars into yen, we’ll take a bus to our hotel and get checked in. If the jet lag isn’t getting to you, join us for a trip up scenic Tokyo Tower to catch a glimpse of the city around you. Click on the option link below for details!


    Tokyo Tower at Night

  • Ghibli Museum & Studio Pierrot Visit [-]

    For our first day in Tokyo, we’ll head to the Ghibli Museum, where we’ll celebrate the creation of some of the most influential and adored anime films in Japanese history.

    Before the day’s done, we’ll make a visit to the infamous anime production studio – Studio Pierrot (producers of Naruto, Bleach, Saiyuki, and Fushigi Yuugi to name a few)! Get an inside glimpse on the makings of some of today’s hit shows and leave with an exclusive gift!
    Before evening sets in, we’ll explore Nakano Broadway, a haven of floor-to-floor otaku goods. For fans of One Piece, have the option of dining at the One Piece Restaurant in Ginza while it’s here! Be a part of the few who dine there during it’s limited run through May! Option price includes: reservation, 1,600 yen worth of food (enough for a meal and choice of drink), transportation, and guide to help translate. Check out the restaurant website here.


    One Piece Going Merry Restaurant Dinner!

  • Otaku Delights [-]

    For our second big day in the city, you’ll have the option of waking up early to experience the sights, sounds, and smells of the Tsukiji Fish Market, as well as sample a taste of the day’s fresh catch.

    Today, it’s shop til you drop as we scour our way through the streets of Harajuku.  You’ll experience the vibrant power of Japan’s street fashion on Takeshita St, and perhaps get inspired to pick up some kakkoii  (good lookin’) threads for yourself and your friends back home.  We’ll also hit Kiddy Land, a multi-story toy store where you’re bound to find something for the kid in all of us.  And if that doesn’t make you nostalgic, a visit to the Meiji Shrine will be sure to spark some child-like wonder inside.

    Following lunch, we’ll be off to Akihabara, a.k.a. Akiba for short, home to the anime/manga/electronics otaku. Try your luck at the giant UFO catchers, stock up on gashapon figures, buy the latest Japanese game, or even pamper yourself at a maid cafe!


    Tsukiji Fish Market Early Morning Tour + Sushi Breakfast


    Maid Cafe

  • Tokyo Hotspots & A-1 Pictures [-]

    For our last day in Tokyo, we’ll be hitting some of the hot-spots you’ve seen portrayed again and again in dozens of anime. You’ll have this morning free to peruse the ward of your choice: Shinjuku or Shibuya. Traverse the famous pedestrian scramble crossing on your way to shop the leading contemporary fashion trends or the underground Mandarake (anime consignment store) in Shibuya, or go to Shinjuku to visit the Square Enix store or Tokyu Hands, a department store specializing in a wide variety of uniquely Japanese products, such as games, costumes, hobby materials, and DIY supplies.

    Mid-afternoon we’ll have a second visit to an anime studio – Aniplex’s A-1 Pictures (creators of Kannagi, Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler), and Welcome to THE SPACE SHOW)! See the animators at work and find out what they’re working on next!

  • Anime Contents Expo & Odaiba [-]

    Be among the first to experience Anime Contents Expo! Shop for anime and character goods, get sneak peeks at the hottest upcoming anime projects, and even see some anime entertainment live on stage! Feeling musical? Have the option of attending A Fes, or Anime Song Festival, which is taking place in the same convention center!

    We’ll wind down our evening in Odaiba, where you’ll have the option of relaxing in a hot spring or visiting Joypolis (a video game amusement park). If weather permits, we’ll celebrate our last night in Tokyo with a traditional Japanese custom: hanami (flower viewing) at Ichigaya/Yasukuni!


    Oedo Onsen Monogatari


    Odaiba Joypolis (Game Theme Park)

  • Free Day! [-]

    Pick your destination! Regretting passing up that figure in Nakano Broadway? Didn’t get enough shopping time in Harajuku? Here’s your chance to cover all the bases! Need some help? Ask your handy dandy tour guide and we’ll be happy to assist you! You can even use the day to visit Tokyo Anime Fair!

    Feel free to join the group at night so we can all have a last karaoke pow wow together!
  • Kansai Extension [-]

    Say good-bye to Tokyo as we bullet train out to Kyoto. We’ll make a stop at the hotel to drop off luggage, then it’s off to Kinkakuji, the famous gold-leaf temple. Later you’ll have the chance to either drop by Nijo Castle, or you can select to visit the Manga Museum!


    Kansai Extension


    Kyoto International Manga Museum

  • Behold Osaka! [-]

    Spend the day in Osaka - visit the Tezuka Museum and the Takarazuka Theater Museum, stroll through Osaka-jo Castle and Park, experience the live venues and arcades of Namba and Shinsaibashi, and feast on okonomiyaki and other delicious Kansai specialties!

  • Uncover Kyoto [-]

    We’ll be taking the scenic route as we visit temples like Kiyomizu, Nanzenji and the aqueduct, and Ginkakuji. There will be plenty of downtime for history and culture buffs to explore the streets of Gion.  Moreover, you can even choose to relive the Gion heyday: join the option to get dressed up as a Maiko (a geisha in training)!

    Our day in Kyoto will end on a sweet note at the Ninja Sweets Cafe.


    Maiko Transformation

  • Time to Head Home... [-]

    Transfer to the airport, return home, and tell your friends how much fun you had!

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