Maiko/Geiko Makeover and Photoshoot

girls transformed into geisha in training

Japan’s “geisha” look is recognized all over the world, and even though the city of Kyoto has one foot in the present, you will find yourself surrounded with the treasured sights and sounds of Japan’s storied history. Kyoto’s connections to the past are reflected in the fact that geisha and “maiko” still wander the streets here. Now, you can take the experience one step further with a special Maiko or Geiko transformation!

Ladies, you’ll have the chance to be made up in the makeup, clothing, and styles made legendary by the traditional geisha and maiko (apprentice geisha) of traditional Kyoto. A skilled photographer will be there to document your transformation!

Guys, there’s no need for you to feel left out – let your bushido instincts take over as you grab a sword and strap on the traditional clothing and armor of a samurai or geiko from the same era. Don’t just see Japan’s history – (be)live it!