Akiba 01

Akihabara, or Akiba for short, is a district in central Tokyo that started out as a famous destination for electronics and has since grown into the world capital of otaku culture. When exploring the town, don’t forget to look in all directions! There are unique finds down back alleys and in the upper floors of shopping towers.

Akiba 2 - Gamers

You’re sure to find the latest and greatest anime goods, electronics, games, ¬†and vending machines here!

Akiba 4

Other activities to do in Akiba include going to a Maid Cafe, getting in some gaming, and eating tasty ramen!

Akiba 7

Here we are after an intense doubles match of air hockey!

Akiba 6

Enjoy some classic gaming!

Akiba 5 - Ramen

Make a stop with us to our favorite ramen restaurant!