Maid Cafes

Maid PictureIn recent years, Akihabara and other areas have seen a boom in the number of “maid cafe” establishments, where girls in costume sing, dance, and entertain cafe customers.┬áMost cafes offer guests the chance to play games with or take a picture with the maids for a fee.

On some PJT group tours, we offer a maid cafe option which takes care of the cafe admission/table fee, a picture, and a set amount for drinks and food. Come join the fun!

Just a warning – cafe rules can often be a bit strict! Many cafes and cosplay restaurants do not allow pictures of any of the workers to be taken, but don’t let it ruin your fun! You can still take pictures with other guests and of the super cute food. =)

Maid Picture w/ EvanAbove is a picture with a maid that you can purchase and have the maid decorate! They’ll ask you which maid you’d like to have a photo taken with, sometimes give you a prop, then take a polaroid picture. The maid in the photo will then proceed to decorate the photo with pretty pens and glitter – makes a great quirky souvenir!

The one on the right is from a different cafe, and the words “batsu geemu,” or penalty game, are written in big yellow characters. Poor Evan lost the batsu geemu, which was junken (aka rock, paper, scissors), and was put to shame wearing bunny ears. We’re posting this picture as a continuation of his public humiliation. =P

Maid Cafe Treats

There are many treats the maids draw on and decorate for you to choose from. Here are some ice cream sundaes decorated as a puppy, chick, and bunny!

Panda Pancake

Nice to meet you. My name is Mr. Panda Pancake.

Smiley Fries

Smiley Fries!