Ghibli Museum

Ghibli Gates

Located in Mitaka near Inokashira Park, the Ghibli Museum is a monument to the art and sensibility of Studio Ghibli, which since Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata founded, has produced Japan’s most highly acclaimed anime: “Princess Mononoke,” “Spirited Away,” “Grave of the Fireflies” and many more. Visiting this museum is like going to see your grandparents — the interior is closer to a house than a museum, and there are art displays pinned up covering the walls. This fan favorite is often an option on our group tours!


Some of the best activities to do at the Ghibli Museum include watching the special short that rotates from month to month at the small theater, seeing the animation exhibit on the second floor which changes seasonally, and relaxing at the cafe next door which sells quirky Ghibli-themed refreshments (like “Beer of the Valley of the Wind”)!

Pictured above is the museum’s gate, but not the actual entrance. To the right is our good friend Totoro, who will greet you when you get to the museum!