Tokyo Tower

Tokyo TowerBuilt as a radio tower in 1958, the red and white frame of Tokyo Tower has grown to become one of the symbols that defines modern Tokyo. Although the tower has become a major tourist attraction and has been immortalized in pop music lyrics and manga (specifically the works of CLAMP, which often feature the tower), the building still functions as a broadcast tower for radio and TV stations in the Tokyo area. With two observation decks that look into the heart of Tokyo and out at the bay, views from the tower are just as spectacular at night as they are during the day.

Tokyo Tower View

Enjoy a scenic view of Tokyo on PJT’s Tokyo Tower option.

Tokyo Tower Inside

Want to see how high up you really are? Judge for yourself – take the stairs down from the main observatory to find glass look-down windows. This observation room also features a small cafe, so you can sip a drink while enjoying the view. On Wednesday and Thursday evenings there is also live music to add to the relaxing ambiance. After your visit, enjoy browsing the souvenir shops on the 2nd floor.

Tokyo Tower